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Amana Colonies 2009

June 2009 The buildings that you see are mostly original from 1850 era. They have been updated and kept up so they didn't rot. Some of them were made into stores which is mostly what is at the Amana colonies. The woolen mill was really neat and I got a scarf which is pleanty long. We also got a slicer knife. Neither one was very expensive. But I counldn't go and not buy anything. We also got some awesome raisen Bread. It turned out to be a good weather day also . No rain or high dew points. A great time was had by all.

Amana Colonies 1
Amana Colonies 2
Amana Homes
Amana Woolen Mills
Amana Woolen Mills 1
Barn and equipment
Barn and equipment up close
Grates seen at many homes
Inside Mill
Inside Woolen Mill
Making fabric
Making fabric 1
New and old together
Old Home
Old home 1
Original Bldg
Original Bldg 1
Original Bldg 2
Original Bldg 3  | Comments: 1
Original Bldg 4
Original Bldg 5
Original Bldg restored

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