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Ashland Painted Bldg, Ore Dock & other sights

Ashland Wisconsin has some wonderful paintings on their downtown buildings. Some of the paintings look like the real thing and when We look at the pictures it is hard to tell. They are really pretty and are a sort of history of the city. Also got some photos of the ore dock and a couple of others things.

Ashland, wi Painted bldg. 206
Ashland, Wi Painted Bldg. 208
Ashland Ore Dock  069
Ashland Ore dock  070
Ashland ore dock painted  256
Ashland ore dock Painted 255
Ashland ore dock painted 257
Ashland Ore dock painting 253
Ashland Ore Dock Painting 259
Ashland Ore dock painting254
Ashland Painted Bldg 207
Ashland Painted bldg267
Ashland painting 258
Fishing Dock 279
Grocer 228
Inside Garage painted 272
Inside garage painting 276
Inside garage painting 277
L Keepers from a distance 226
Lighthouse Keepers 223
Lighthouse Keepers 224
Lighthouse Keepers 225
Ore Dock Ashland,wi 209
ore dock fron the park 290

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