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Ashland Painted Bldg, Ore Dock & other sights

Ashland Wisconsin has some wonderful paintings on their downtown buildings. Some of the paintings look like the real thing and when We look at the pictures it is hard to tell. They are really pretty and are a sort of history of the city. Also got some photos of the ore dock and a couple of others things.

Painted bldg 241
Painted Bldg 273
Painted bldg 275
Painted Nightclub 274
Painted Store fronts  237
Painted store fronts238
Painted storefront 227
Painted Storefronts 242
Painted storefronts 250
Pioneers 1 245
Pioneers 2 246
Service men and women 229
Service People up close 233
Shop fronts on side of Bldg. 236
Shop fronts up close 239
Shops & people painted 243
Shops & people painted 244
Store fronts painted 240
Tern Dock also fishing 282
Tern Dock for fishing 289
Waitress painting  269
Waitress painting 268

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