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Badlands September 2009

September 2009 These are pictures of the Badlands. They don't do it justice but are still pretty. I think it looks like moon scape. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Badlands color 9
Badlands color 10
Badlands color 11
Badlands color2
Badlands goat eating
Badlands goats in road
Badlands mountain goat
Badlands mt goat
Badlands mt goat staring at us
Badlands mt goat up close
Badlands people out on ledge dropoff
Badlands picnic area
Badlands visitor center area
Badlands Yellow
Badlands yellow 1
Badlands yellow 2
Badlands yellow 4
Badlands yellow 5
Badlands yellow 6
Badlands yellow and red
Badlands yellow and red 1
Badlands yellow and red 2
Badlands yellow and red 3
Badlands yellow and red 4

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