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Birthday and Trees 2010

We went to Stephanie's Birthday Party in September and also had the kids overnight in October so there are alot of tree and leaves pictures and some of Stephanie playing in the leaves. Isaac did the raking so she could jump in them. The weather has been great.

6th Birthday Icecream Cake 046
6th Birthday Knife whelding  Mom 080
Birthday Flowers  154
Birthday Flowers  168
Birthday Flowers  169
Steph in Leaves 108
Steph in Leaves 109
Steph in Leaves 110
Steph in Leaves 111
Steph in Leaves 112
Steph in Leaves 113
Steph in Leaves 115
Steph in Leaves 116
Steph in Leaves 117
Steph in Leaves 119
Stephanies 6th Birthday, 003
Stephanies 6th Birthday 007
Stephanies 6th Birthday 044
Stephanies 6th Birthday 073
Stephanies 6th Birthday 078
Stephanies 6th Birthday 079
Stephanies Icecream cake 047
Tree and leaves 149
Trees and  Leaves 093

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