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Duluith & Superior Views 2010

While we were in Bayfield we took a day trip to Duluith, Mn and Superior, Wi. We went to the lighthouse on the Wi side and then went across the Bridge into Duluith and went up on Skyline Drive and parked to get some awsome shots of the water on the the Superior and Duluith sides. they are basically right next to each other . Sure was pretty.

Above Duluith 516
Above Duluith 519
Above Duluith 523
Above Duluith 531
Above Duluith 532
Above Duluith527
Above looking at Superior 547
Above Port of Duluith 545
Above Superior, wi 543
Above Superior  534
Above Superior 521
Above Superior 522
Above Superior 530
Above the Ports 546
Awsome view 544
Bridge 535
Dennis 511
Duluith, mn 514
Duluith , Mn 513
Duluith Bridge 515
Far left Duluith port entry  538
Indian Burial ground  503
Indian Burial ground 504
Indian burial ground 505

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